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“Event Planning-It is Harder than it Looks”

You are planning a celebration at your business to honor customers, employees, or management achievements, and you would like to do this soon. You could do all of the planning in-house, but as you are busy running a growing and dynamic business, the details will challenge you. No event is stress-free, and mistakes will be made along the way. Would you rather make less mistakes while planning? Good! Leave it to a professional.

1. Event planners can offer great package deals, but changing them is very difficult. Inventory may not be available to accommodate late changes. Late charges and priority shipping charges could be incurred by event planners, which would be absorbed by the client due to changes. Materials become harder to find to accommodate late changes, so the planner may be required to pay a premium for them. Expect an invoice for these expenses.

2. Clients or prospective clients frequently ask for proposals, like the ideas that event planners offer, and then try to coordinate the event “in-house”. Any trained professional has witnessed a “do-it-yourselfer” create disasters for themselves. After all, your dentist could describe the process of filling a cavity, but would you try to do that yourself just to save money? Event planners have already done the legwork to locate sources to make your event run smoothly. Let us worry about the details.

3. You get what you pay for. You can shop around for the lowest-priced planner. However, this event will be a display of your level of care for your guests. It reflects on you.

Bring in a professional event planner. There are a few good ones in Brandon and Valrico, but only the best will do for you. We will help you provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. For more information, call us anytime at (813) 966-3328.