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"Four Tips for Successful Events"

Event planning is never as easy as it looks. We all want to celebrate milestones, successes, great employees, or events to celebrate customers. Whatever it is, many companies choose to do this in-house, and you could certainly do that. Remember though, that it is never as easy as it looks. Scheduling speakers, catering, music, as well as the guest(s) of honor can feel algebraic and normally requires more oversight than anticipated. Here are some considerations and tips.

1. Budget. Do your best to come up with a per person cost for food and beverages. You might plan the attendance meticulously, but a good rule of thumb is a drop-off rate of 30%.

2. Location and Time. Are you going to be in a convenient, centrally-planned facility? Starting too early in the evening causes stress to guests, as they may have to leave work early and fight rush hour traffic to arrive on time. Also, what is the venue like? Going too cheap sends a message. So does going too expensive. Choose a venue that fits well with the culture of your business.

3. Making guests feel welcome. We recommend assigning a person to greet guests at the door. Subtle things such as space between the registration table and the entrance matter, because you want to avoid excessive jamming of the registration area. You also want to minimize time spent standing in line.

4. Having fun. Behind the scenes, you may experience a myriad of hiccups. Take heart though, since most of your guests may not notice them. Relax and enjoy the event and the reason for it. Provide gifts and follow up with a note of thanks as appropriate.

If you are planning and hosting a business or corporate event in the Brandon or Valrico area, Please consider Designer Weddings and Events. We deliver first class corporate events and we are always ready to ensure that your event is first class as well.